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Why is my new refrigerator humming?

Before you buy a new refrigerator, it is advisable to read the manufacturer’s recommendations. Some models equipped with the No Frost system are very noisy during the week. The reason for this is not a breakdown, but simply a violation of the rules of connection. It is recommended to let such units stand after transportation […]


How can you tell if your refrigerator needs repair?

What should you do if your compression refrigerator cracks? It is worth trying to determine the cause of the cracking. In thrifty instances of refrigeration equipment, the inner liner is made of plastic, which begins to shrink or expand when the temperature changes. This process is accompanied by cracking because the correspondence of sizes of […]


Why the refrigerator beep

Possible malfunctions requiring repair   Indeed, a number of malfunctions in refrigerators can be accompanied by unusual sounds. However, before going to the workshop, make sure that there were no such sounds before (perhaps you just did not pay attention to them?). If the sounds were always there, and the refrigerator freezes normally, then there […]


Terrible knocking Samsung refrigerator in Chula Vista

Has your refrigerator started making strange noises, or more specifically, knocking? We understand that this is nothing short of alarming, and you think your Samsung refrigerator needs repair in Chula Vista. Here are the situations in which the owners of the appliances are most often faced with such “sound accompaniment”: – The refrigerator bangs when […]



In our new generation, many families cannot imagine at all how it is possible to have a fridge without this convenient defrost system – no frost. People are buying more and more fridges with two chambers, roomy, where they can keep both fresh fruit and frozen meat. Statistics for this year show that almost every […]

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