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Checking the correct connection of the washing machine

Repair of washing machines requires additional financial costs. To avoid technical malfunctions, make sure the appliances are properly connected to all utilities. Consider the key points that should not be overlooked during diagnosis.   No leaks Puddles under or behind the washing machine appear as a result of insufficient fixation of the hoses. Start by […]


Why does the refrigerator make noise?

A fridge is a household appliance that makes our lives much more comfortable by storing food for long periods of time. Unfortunately, sometimes this unit is capable of causing inconvenience, for example, when it makes a very loud noise that irritates your ears and causes you to worry about equipment malfunction. Our refrigerator repair service […]


Freon leakage in your refrigerator

Refrigerant leakage is a widespread malfunction from which both new and old refrigerator models are not insured. It is possible to restore the work of technics in house conditions, but only under the condition of the presence of the special equipment. Without the help of professional devices, it is almost impossible to define the source […]


Why the refrigerator beeps

These days, modern refrigerators from various manufacturers are equipped with options to beep if the door is not closed. On the one hand, this is quite convenient. But in some cases, such a squeak is annoying and causes inconvenience to the user, because when a malfunction occurs, the alarm goes off and the device can […]


Why the microwave oven works but doesn’t heat

In the process of using the microwave, there are a number of reasons why the technique works, but does not heat the microwave. And the problems in this case do not always lie in broken parts. Among the possible causes of such an operation are:   – A decrease in the voltage level in the […]


Is it necessary to charge the refrigerator with freon?

Signs of the need to charge your refrigerator   If the refrigeration equipment no longer maintains a cold temperature, you can safely make the assumption that it needs more refrigerant. However, you may be mistaken because, as mentioned earlier, freon is pressurized inside a closed system. If there are no problems in the system in […]


Why won’t my refrigerator turn off?

Problems are often caused by the compressor starting relay. This element turns the motor on and off to start the refrigerant circulation process and cool the air. Over time, the moving contacts of the device weld, “stick” and stop opening.   As a result, the compressor remains energized and continues to run continuously, regardless of […]



Each manufacturer of such household appliances produces its own model of glass pallet. For efficient and uniform heating of food, the plate in the microwave should rotate with the lateral location of the wave generator (magnetron), which leads to a reduction in the size of the oven. The magnetron should be hidden in the microwave […]


Washing machine sources loud noise

Often increased noise occurs when draining or drawing water. Most users who write about high sound levels in reviews of washing machines believe that it is due to a faulty pump or design flaws in its design. However, just more often it is due to other reasons: Kinking, causing a reduction in the cross-section of […]


How to open the washing machine if it is locked

Causes of the door lock and their elimination Whatever the root cause of the lock, remember that it is strictly forbidden to try to unlock the door by force. This is fraught with the fact that you can get an electric shock or the washing machine will need expensive repairs or a complete replacement. Let’s […]

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