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Problems in the operation of the dishwasher

Any household appliance has its own limited lifespan, no matter how much it costs and what manufacturer it is.  Of course, many household appliances can work much longer than the manufacturer indicates. The same situation is with dishwashers. Although, to tell the truth, nothing lasts forever, and the dishwasher can fail in its work. There […]


Troubleshooting Why Your Gas Cooktop Keeps Clicking

The most important thing in such a situation is to find the source of the malfunction and then simply follow the instructions on how to fix it. Having found a malfunction, try to perform the repair according to our advice, strictly following all safety rules. Remember – most of the causes of the problem in […]


My Wine Refrigerator Makes Noise

Wine fridges are often located in common living areas and allow you to have good bottles on hand without having to go to the cellar. If the background noise is regular and directly related to the operation of the appliance, a louder and more persistent noise may indicate a problem. If this is your case, […]

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