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Why does not heat the microwave?

Power is supplied via a special cable to the filter board It has a choke, a fuse (usually rated at about 10A), connecting wires, etc. If the microwave turns on, then there are no problems with this circuit and everything is most likely working properly. Tip: try to avoid heating metal objects or containers with […]


Electronic panel for microwave oven

The microwave oven control panel resembles a conventional computer with its nodes. The main element of any computer is the processor. It is he who accepts all commands, processes them, and performs the appropriate operations. There is a similar element on the microwave control panel, only it is called a microcontroller. Compared to microprocessors, the […]


What to do if the washing machine jumps?

A washing machine is a wonderful device that helps housewives a lot. After all, how much free time appears when you wash not manually but with the help of a washing machine? After all, the washing process is optimized. But, as sad as it may sound, but still, over time, we notice that the washing […]



Bosch refrigerators can be freely called the benchmark: they are distinguished by high quality, as well as durability. If used with care, the Bosch refrigerators in the main mass work uninterruptedly for dozens of years. But, alas, even they are not insured from breakages. According to the experience of Chula Vista Appliance Repair Company‘s technicians, […]


RD Error in SAMSUNG Refrigerator repair

You came to your SAMSUNG fridge as usual, but noticed that the display has changed: the display shows RD code instead of temperature. You can also notice that the fridge is not working properly: either poorly freezing or, on the contrary, over-freezing. You realize that you need a Samsung refrigerator repair Bonita. Let’s look into […]


6 breakdowns that cause no quality dishwashing

Here are six popular faults that cause the dishwasher to wash dishes poorly, or to stop and interrupt the washing cycle altogether. 1. The water heater is out of order. Dishwashers are equipped with a device for heating water. The water heater is the most susceptible to limescale buildup and will “burn out” if operated […]

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