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Inverter or conventional microwave oven: 7 arguments for and against

Microwaves differ in price, brand, power consumption, and size. But the main selection criterion is the principle of operation. And there are nuances in it.   The principle of operation of an inverter microwave oven   The name “inverter” is on the lips of many. Therefore, we will understand the features of such devices, to […]


Dishwasher care: “Iron-clad” rules and tips

A dishwasher takes pride in place among all kitchen appliances. The unit successfully copes not only with the obvious function (cleaning plates and glasses) but also with the antibacterial treatment of dishes.   Such equipment, like any household appliance, needs regular and proper maintenance. Without proper cleaning, the service life of the unit is reduced […]


Starting relay for the refrigerator

The most necessary appliance, both in the apartment and in a private home, is the refrigerator. And it is difficult not to agree with this statement, isn’t it? It is difficult to find a house without a refrigerator. As with any appliance, refrigerators can break down. But there are situations where a breakdown can be […]


Checking the correct connection of the washing machine

Repair of washing machines requires additional financial costs. To avoid technical malfunctions, make sure the appliances are properly connected to all utilities. Consider the key points that should not be overlooked during diagnosis.   No leaks Puddles under or behind the washing machine appear as a result of insufficient fixation of the hoses. Start by […]


How to repair the sensor of the microwave oven

The amount of work depends directly on the type of microwave panel. In many brands, Daewoo or LG touch screen has to be changed in one unit with the entire panel. Therefore, the microwave is more often sent to the workshop. But even if you manage to remove the unit with the screen, it is […]


Control in microwave ovens

Microwave oven control is one of the main criteria for the selection of such a device. There are three types of microwave controls, regardless of their brand or model. The simplest and most traditional type is mechanical, which works with the help of handles without an electronic display. As a rule, this method of control […]

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