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What happens if you don’t clean the washing machine drum

In order to clean the washing machine drum as rarely as possible, it is recommended to carefully check the pockets of jackets and pants, pre-soak heavily soiled clothes in a basin, as well as install special filters on the drain and incoming water.   Preventive washing machine cleaning is a great way to extend the […]


Dishwasher care: “Iron-clad” rules and tips

A dishwasher takes pride in place among all kitchen appliances. The unit successfully copes not only with the obvious function (cleaning plates and glasses) but also with the antibacterial treatment of dishes.   Such equipment, like any household appliance, needs regular and proper maintenance. Without proper cleaning, the service life of the unit is reduced […]


The level of water savings in dishwashers

Both the wash mode you choose and the model of the dishwasher depend on how much water it will consume. On average, it is from 10 to 13 liters per procedure as a whole. In contrast to handwashing, all water is used only for its intended purpose without any losses. During the process, the working […]


How to wash dishes in the dishwasher: basic rules

If you think your dishwasher is broken and not washing dishes well. Do not panic! Perhaps you just did not start the dishwasher correctly. Let’s analyze this problem. There are several types of chemistry (detergents). The most famous and oldest of them is, of course, powder, of which there are many varieties – hundreds and […]


How do I connect the dishwasher?

Nowadays, a dishwasher can hardly be called a luxury. After all, such a device not only saves us from every day and long washing dishes but also saves water consumption. When washing dishes in the machine, heating is much cheaper than heating running water from the tap. All models of dishwashers can be divided into […]


Problems in the operation of the dishwasher

Any household appliance has its own limited lifespan, no matter how much it costs and what manufacturer it is.  Of course, many household appliances can work much longer than the manufacturer indicates. The same situation is with dishwashers. Although, to tell the truth, nothing lasts forever, and the dishwasher can fail in its work. There […]

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