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How to repair the sensor of the microwave oven

The amount of work depends directly on the type of microwave panel. In many brands, Daewoo or LG touch screen has to be changed in one unit with the entire panel. Therefore, the microwave is more often sent to the workshop. But even if you manage to remove the unit with the screen, it is […]


Microwave – harmful or not?

Most of us have already forgotten how it feels to live without a microwave oven. But, nevertheless, many people want to know whether microwave is harmful to human health. In order to better understand the impact of this device on food, you need to know how it works. The food that we put in the […]


Electronic panel for microwave oven

The microwave oven control panel resembles a conventional computer with its nodes. The main element of any computer is the processor. It is he who accepts all commands, processes them, and performs the appropriate operations. There is a similar element on the microwave control panel, only it is called a microcontroller. Compared to microprocessors, the […]


Control in microwave ovens

Microwave oven control is one of the main criteria for the selection of such a device. There are three types of microwave controls, regardless of their brand or model. The simplest and most traditional type is mechanical, which works with the help of handles without an electronic display. As a rule, this method of control […]


The microwave oven turns off by itself

In the process of using a microwave oven, there are often cases when it starts to behave strangely. For example, the microwave can turn off by itself, and after a few minutes start again.   This is a fairly common problem when using such equipment, so do not rush to throw away your assistant. In […]


The tray in the microwave doesn’t spin

Using the microwave allows you to quickly heat up food or prepare a new dish. And to achieve the goal it is enough to put the dish on the tray, cover it with the lid, and then close the door and start the rotation by setting the countdown timer.   The list of actions is […]


A microwave oven works but doesn’t heat – what’s the reason?

Microwave ovens allow you to heat food quickly. They are very convenient and easy-to-use appliances that work well for many years. However, they can also malfunction. It can happen that the microwave oven works but does not heat the food. Let’s look at the reasons why this happens.   Causes not caused by defective parts […]


Common Microwave Problems & Their Fixes

Before you start repairing a microwave oven, as well as any other appliance, assess your capabilities, first of all, be careful and follow the safety instructions. Repairing a microwave oven can be dangerous, because even after unplugging the device is still under high electric voltage for some time, which can lead to a serious accident. […]


Microwave Troubleshooting: Touchpad Doesn’t Work

It happens when your microwave starts acting up. It turns on when it shouldn’t, switches modes by itself, or doesn’t respond to commands at all. Of course, if you have no idea what to do in such cases, it is recommended to contact a service center. But what should you do if the buttons on […]

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