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What happens if you don’t clean the washing machine drum

In order to clean the washing machine drum as rarely as possible, it is recommended to carefully check the pockets of jackets and pants, pre-soak heavily soiled clothes in a basin, as well as install special filters on the drain and incoming water.   Preventive washing machine cleaning is a great way to extend the […]


The washing machine does not turn on, the indicators do not work

If the washing machine does not work and no indicator light flashes, there are two possible causes of the problem. According to user reviews, these malfunctions occur most often.   The power cord from the electrical network is damaged Carefully inspect the wire for frayed or broken sections. If you find a damaged area, isolate […]


The washing machine does not turn on – what to do

So. The washing machine does not turn on during washing. Something needs to be done.   FORTUNATELY, to find the cause of the malfunction and solve it, a master is not always needed. Sometimes you can figure out why the washing machine doesn’t turn on and deal with it yourself. We suggest that you familiarize […]


Mold in the washing machine: 3 stages of cleaning

Does the washing machine smell damp and musty? On the ring made of rubber, which is intended for the door, are there visible spots of gray or black color? – The equipment is moldy. Why this happened, and how to get rid of the fungus that “settled” in the washing machine, are considered here. Read […]


Samsung washing machine errors

So that the owner can find out the errors of the washing machine Samsung himself, the manufacturer has created a system of signals. In case of malfunction, the display shows a specific code consisting of letters and numbers.   Symptoms of major malfunctions   Elementary diagnosis can be carried out by the presence of previously […]


Washing machine motor malfunction

Behind the code F21 there is a breakdown of the motor because the rotation of the drum depends on it. When you see this code, you must immediately interrupt the washing, unplug the device, drain the water, remove the laundry, wipe the inside of the drum, and call the master.   The culprits for this […]

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