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Bosch washing machine errors

One of the most simple in operation is considered washing machines brand Bosch. Convenience is expressed in the fact that the user, in most cases, can independently correct errors in the washing machine Bosch, having minimal knowledge.   The trouble with the door of the machine   The code F01 appears due to the insufficiently […]


Starting relay for the refrigerator

The most necessary appliance, both in the apartment and in a private home, is the refrigerator. And it is difficult not to agree with this statement, isn’t it? It is difficult to find a house without a refrigerator. As with any appliance, refrigerators can break down. But there are situations where a breakdown can be […]


Electronic panel for microwave oven

The microwave oven control panel resembles a conventional computer with its nodes. The main element of any computer is the processor. It is he who accepts all commands, processes them, and performs the appropriate operations. There is a similar element on the microwave control panel, only it is called a microcontroller. Compared to microprocessors, the […]


Common breakdowns of Bosch dishwashers

The German company Bosch is one of the highest quality on the market, but no one is perfect, so we have prepared for you a list of the most common breakdowns.   Can’t get any water in If the German brand dishwasher refuses to draw water, the problem may lie in the circulation pump or […]


The washing machine overflows – what can I do?

If water continues to be drawn in even when the level in the drum is higher than normal, you are experiencing the phenomenon of overflowing. Typically, the liquid is drawn in until a third or half of the tank is full, at which point it is emptied and the appliance stops working and generates an […]


The washer-dryer starts spinning immediately: causes and solution

In the normal mode, the appliance first draws in water, then the drum starts rotating evenly according to the set program. Only when the washing is complete does the appliance press the laundry against the drum walls and increase the revolutions to spin the items and get rid of the used water.   If in […]

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