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How to correctly adjust the temperature in the refrigerator: 5 recommendations

Dairy products are often stored on the upper shelves of the refrigerator, and fish and meat are kept on the lower ones. This is more expedient, because it is usually colder at the bottom, and the temperature varies between 3-7° C. The necessary coolness depends on the indicator set on the regulator of the unit. […]


Microwave: the principle of operation, functional purpose, features, advantages/disadvantages

One of the most popular household appliances is the microwave, which has complemented and, in some cases, even replaced the traditional stove or oven. Its speed and ease of use make it a must-have in the home and office. However, its capabilities are much wider than just heating food. With its help, you can not […]


Inverter or conventional microwave oven: 7 arguments for and against

Microwaves differ in price, brand, power consumption, and size. But the main selection criterion is the principle of operation. And there are nuances in it.   The principle of operation of an inverter microwave oven   The name “inverter” is on the lips of many. Therefore, we will understand the features of such devices, to […]


Common refrigerator malfunctions

Before diagnosing a malfunction, you should decide on the type of refrigeration equipment.   Thermoelectric units break down very rarely. The most common breakdown is when the thermocouple battery runs out of power. There is usually no reason to replace the battery since it is about the same price as the unit itself.   In […]


Errors due to water supply problems

Code F02 appears on the display when there is no water. This error can be caused by:   – breakage of the board, inlet valve, or water level sensor; – incorrect installation of the appliance; – water supply faucet is blocked; – lack of water or pressure in the water supply line; – the water […]


Why is my new refrigerator humming?

Before you buy a new refrigerator, it is advisable to read the manufacturer’s recommendations. Some models equipped with the No Frost system are very noisy during the week. The reason for this is not a breakdown, but simply a violation of the rules of connection. It is recommended to let such units stand after transportation […]

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