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The tighter the door is to the refrigerator body, the longer the low temperature is kept there. If you notice that the refrigerator door does not close as it used to, or constantly comes off, you should not ignore this breakdown. After all, in the future it can lead to the wear and tear of many important and expensive parts.

Many owners ignore when the refrigerator door does not close, thinking that it is not as important as the serviceability of the internal elements and the production of cold. But a tight fit creates an airtight space in which the refrigeration system creates a special temperature regime, not too cold to keep fresh vegetables and liquids from freezing, and not too warm to keep rotting bacteria and mold spores from multiplying. To keep the temperature right, special temperature sensors monitor it. If warm air enters the chamber, the sensors give a signal to the compressor, and it starts working and cools the chamber with refrigerant, and then turns off.

If the door does not fit tightly, warm air comes in all the time, and the compressor does not stop working. The gauge readings change all the time, the temperature is not stable. All systems are running at maximum. This over-freezes or under-cools the food and wears out the parts. Already after a month of such work the compressor motor can break down.

You should not wait for the consequences, it is better to eliminate the defect immediately.

If you don’t understand why your refrigerator isn’t closing properly, first check to see if something is jammed under the cabinet that is causing an obstruction. Often a fork or spoon is such an obstruction, and also containers and bottles on the door may be sticking to the shelf. If these simple obstacles are not found, check the machine for one of the following problems:


Dirty gasket. A rubber gasket around the perimeter is needed to keep the appliance firmly closed. Often there is also a magnet inside the rubber cavity so that the door sucks in and air from outside is definitely not getting in. If you haven’t washed this part for a long time, grease and other debris inevitably accumulate on it, so the rubber doesn’t stick to the walls like it used to.

The sealing rubber band is broken. Over time, the rubber band wears out, shrivels, loses elasticity, and cracks. Warm air begins to enter the gaps. If the seal does not keep the door closed, and you notice deformed places on it, you will have to order the repair or replacement of this part. You can also install a new gum yourself if you’re not afraid of damaging the body of the door.

The spacer is broken. This part is responsible for making sure that the door opens enough, but not too wide. It is often a plastic or metal arc that loosens. In older models, this breakage is indicated by the fact that the door itself seems to be pushing away from the body. You will need to repair and replace the spacer.

Incorrectly set the rod.  When you close a new appliance, it also seems to be pushing away, this indicates a problem with the rod – the part for lighting the chamber. It should be moved deeper. It is better to entrust this work to a professional.


In case, you did not follow the maintenance rules and need an emergency diagnoses and repair. Chula Vista Appliance Repair Company is here for you to help you out with your fridge door repair. We are value your time and money, so we suggest you make an appointment with our technician to identify, assess and fix the problem in a timely manner.

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