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Recently, home appliances are developing rapidly. A dozen years ago, no one would have thought of the need to dry things in a dryer. Now it has become quite a common thing. This is logical, as everyone who at least once used a dryer becomes a fan of this helper.

However, like all appliances, dryers require special care and attention when following all the requirements of the instruction manual. The dryer should be installed and connected by a competent technician. Otherwise, the dryer will be noisy or may malfunction altogether. The dryer must be set in place exactly level so that the drum can rotate freely without interfering with any parts or internal mechanisms. The vast majority of dryer failures are due to improper or negligent maintenance.

The dryer is noisy and vibrates constantly if the laundry is mixed up. The drum is not aligned and the bearings, motor, drive belt and other dryer mechanisms are under increased pressure. This mode of operation is dangerous because of increased wear and rapid destruction of overloaded parts. Systematically overloading the dryer with large amounts of wet laundry is dangerous for the same reasons. Do not load the dryer drum with too many wet items. It is not designed for this. The laundry must be thoroughly squeezed out before loading.

The dryer starts humming and vibrating when the drive belt and bearings break. In this case, it is very important to contact Chula Vista Appliance Repair Company in time, before the malfunction has led to a complete loss of the dryer performance. For many years of work our specialists have accumulated great experience in troubleshooting various models of home appliances. If you decide to contact our company, you will not need to dismantle and transport heavy appliances to the shop. Master himself will come over to you at a convenient time and will make all necessary work at home.

When your dryer makes noise or vibrates, it is often necessary to replace faulty parts. This work involves a complete disassembly of the machine. Therefore, it is almost impossible to perform without special tools. It is important to use quality components for replacement. Chula Vista Appliance Repair Team is ready to provide a professional diagnosis and repair at fair price immediately. We are waiting for your call!


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