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Before you start repairing a microwave oven, as well as any other appliance, assess your capabilities, first of all, be careful and follow the safety instructions. Repairing a microwave oven can be dangerous, because even after unplugging the device is still under high electric voltage for some time, which can lead to a serious accident. Always carry out any repair work only after unplugging the microwave with sufficient time in between. Not all malfunctions can be repaired by yourself, so if the situation requires it, do not take the risk and ask for professional help at Chula Vista Appliance Repair Company.

Most Common Microwave Malfunctions:

The microwave turns on, but after a while stops working

If the microwave turns on but shuts off after a few seconds, does not complete the heating cycle properly, there may be several reasons which caused this malfunction.

The door switch is not working – the door may close, but after a few seconds the switch may loosen and the door will appear to be open. The switch may not register the door as closed, even if the inside around the door overheats. In this case, a service repair is required.

Overheating – There is a cooling fan inside the microwave that maintains a certain temperature of the components so that they do not overheat when heated. If the fan doesn’t work enough or breaks, overheating occurs and the microwave shuts down for safety reasons. In addition to a broken fan, the valve through which air escapes may also be clogged. Dust can build up and settle in the grease, so it’s important to clean it thoroughly.

Faulty transformer – A faulty transformer is a more serious problem. You’ll know it right away as you smell smoke. Unplug the microwave and have the transformer replaced by an experienced technician.

The light in the microwave oven doesn’t work

A light bulb that doesn’t work when you open the door is a fairly common problem and usually doesn’t require complicated repairs.

Blown Bulb – The simplest explanation is a blown bulb. So before you try anything else, purchase a spare bulb and replace the old one with a new one. Of course, unplug the microwave and follow the instructions in the manual.
Problem with the control board – a more serious problem is a faulty control board, which can be checked for proper operation with a multimeter. If it is faulty, have it replaced by a service center technician.

Microwave oven sparks while heating

If the microwave begins to spark, do not panic, but immediately turn it off. First, check the inside of the microwave for debris that needs to be cleaned.

Reheating things that don’t belong in the microwave – Sometimes it happens that we forget and put a metal spoon in the microwave, or uses utensils that don’t have a place in the microwave. Any metal or gold-plated items can cause sparks, so do not use them for heating.
Damaged waveguide cover – The waveguide cover prevents anything from getting onto the magnetron from inside the microwave oven. After many uses, the cover can become covered with food deposits, loose and damaged, requiring immediate replacement.
Diode burnout – The diode is one of the key parts of a microwave oven that it cannot function without. Over time, it wears out and can even burn out. In addition to sparking, a typical symptom is a buzzing or smelling smoke. In this case, the microwave oven should be immediately unplugged and serviced.

The door of the microwave oven does not close or does not open

If you have a problem with the microwave door opening, closing or jamming, the problem is usually with the closing mechanism itself. First, check the door for food residue or other obstructions that are preventing it from closing.

Broken door latch – The plastic hooks that latch when the door closes and hold it securely closed can wear out, which can cause the door to loosen and not close. They can also jam, which leads to the opposite problem. Their functionality can be checked with a multimeter and replaced if necessary.
Loose hinges – Door hinges can become loose, rusted or otherwise damaged, preventing the door from closing smoothly. You can easily detect this damage by inspecting the hinges, and if they are damaged, they can be replaced with new ones.

Chula Vista Appliance Repair Company proudly offers efficient microwave repair service in the San Diego County and the surrounding areas. Our team of experts are well-equipped and ready to handle all types of microwave repairs no matter how complex they are. We’re committed to providing excellent repairs using only the highest-quality spare parts backed by the manufacturer’s warranty, so you can depend on your microwave repair specialist to fix the problem, and ensure your appliance will perform properly well for a long time.

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