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Users of Bosch refrigerators are often faced with the situation when the appliances give a warning signal. Usually, it is audible – refrigerators squeak if the door of one of the chambers is opened for a long time. But sometimes the beeping is accompanied by the inscription “alarm” or “alarm off”. Why this happens and what it means, let’s understand in our article.

What does “alarm off” mean in a Bosch refrigerator
If your Bosch is equipped with a screen, the inscription “alarm” or “alarm off” can be displayed in black, red, or orange. If there is no display, the indicator next to the corresponding button will flash red.

Possible malfunctions that require repair

Despite the fact that Bosch appliances are of high quality, even refrigerators of this brand can malfunction over time. In the experience of Chula Vista Appliance Repair Company technicians, the following problems are most often associated with the appearance of the “alarm” message.

1. The freezer seal is worn out or damaged
The malfunction is causing air to enter the freezer compartment and cause the temperature in the freezer to rise.

2. Faulty freezer hinges
They are probably loose from prolonged use or damaged mechanically (e.g., if children were riding on the door). The door is sagging, due to what warm air enters the chamber through gaps.

3. The common compressor or freezer compressor (in two-motor models) is broken
The motor may have burned out or jammed. It’s also not uncommon for the cause to be an inter-twisted or shorted winding to the housing.

4. Freon is leaking
The freon line in the steel perimeter heating circuit of the freezer probably leaked, a hole occurred in the “weeping” evaporator of the refrigerator compartment, or the integrity of the locking connections was compromised.

5. Capillary piping in the freezer is clogged.
Freon interacts with compressor oil during operation, resulting in the formation of kinds of paraffin over time. Once deposited in the capillary tube, they can lead to partial or complete clogging of the piping.

6. Faulty freezer temperature sensor or thermostat
This assembly is responsible for turning on freezer cooling. If the sensor is out of order, the compressor will turn off early or not turn on at all. The temperature will rise and the refrigerator will sound an alarm.

7. Bow Frost defrost system malfunction
Probably one or more defrost system components are broken, that’s why the fridge is frozen in defrost.
Defrost sensor, defrost timer, or heating element can fail.

How to turn off the buzzer on the Bosch if it beeps and “alarm” or “alarm off” lights up
In order to turn off the buzzer on your refrigerator, you must press the “alarm” or “alarm off” button. If your Bosch has touch control – you need to press either the inscription itself or the area near it.

After pressing the “alarm” the refrigerator will show the highest temperature, which is set in the freezer compartment. After that, it will display the one that is set. The sound will stop, but the “alarm” button itself or the inscription on the display will light up until the temperature reaches the set temperature.

Don’t know what to do when the “alarm” on your Bosch refrigerator lights up and won’t go away? It’s probably a fault. It is not recommended to use such a refrigerator. After all, when it malfunctions, other nodes experience an additional load, which can lead to even more complicated and expensive fix breakdowns. Contact the professionals for help or fill out an online request form on the website.

Chula Vista Appliance Repair Company‘s technicians will come to your call really quickly at your convenience. Don’t hesitate to call us: we’ll help you get your Bosch back on track!

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