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Clearly, if your washing machine leaks, the reason is different in each case. What exactly is it? To understand this, you need to have an idea of all seven reasons why your washing machine, as they call it, “doesn’t hold water.”

The hose is damaged

In the case where the water leaks somewhere in the back of the washing machine, you should definitely check the integrity of the hoses – the drain hose and the fill hose. There should not be any cracks, and the hoses themselves should be screwed tightly. If any of the hoses have even the slightest crack – the hose must be replaced. Yes, and immediately check the filter of the filler hose – maybe it’s clogged and does not pass water from the water supply.

 The powder container is clogged.
The powder container should be checked in the event that the water from the machine leaks from the front and runs down the top of the body. In this case, the most common cause is a clogged detergent container. It also needs to be washed occasionally, then it will not release water foaming from the powder.

A leaking rubber sleeve.
If water is dripping down your front panel from somewhere under the door, it means the door rubber isn’t sealing properly. Maybe it’s leaking, or maybe it’s gotten greasy and slippery over time, so it’s not performing its waterproofing function. First wipe the rubber with a nail polish remover. If water is still leaking – then you will have to buy a manhole cuff and replace the worn out old one.

 Drain pump filter is clogged
A fairly common and easily fixable cause of leakage is a clogged drain pump filter. If the filter is broken or for some reason can not be cleaned – you will have to replace it.

Drain Pump is Broken
If water is flowing out from under the machine, and you can’t figure out exactly where it’s coming from, the reason could be a broken drain pump. When the drain pump is broken, it can’t drain properly. And it drains water to, shall we say, the wrong place, namely to the floor. If broken, the drain pump must be replaced.

Damaged or clogged pipe
It is also not uncommon for the cause of washing machine leaks to be a clogged (damaged) socket. If the socket is clogged, the water can not go the traditional way, and flows in the joints of the socket with other parts. If the branch pipe is leaking, it will have to be replaced.

The drum is leaking
Also the cause of the appearance of water from under the machine can be a leak of the drum. Usually the packing starts to leak, although there are other variants as well. You will identify the packing gland leakage by specific stains and streaks around it. In this case, the packing needs to be replaced. And the bearings, preferably, as well, because at least for some time leaking oil seal, most likely, had time to damage the bearings, and they, too, may soon go out of order.

These are all the main reasons why your washing machine might be leaking. Whether you can find the breakdown on your own or at some stage of the search, call a handyman is up to you. Note only that in the absence of experience disassembly and assembly of washing machines is better to limit the external examination and search for simple damage, and then call our master. Chula Vista Appliance Repair Company is proud to offer efficient washing machine repair services in and around San Diego County. Our team of experts is well-equipped and ready to handle all types of washing machine repairs, no matter how complicated they are. We strive to provide excellent repairs using only high-quality replacement parts backed by a manufacturer’s warranty, so you can rely on a washing machine repair technician to fix the problem and make sure your machine will work properly for a long time.

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