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Why the washing machine does not drain water – technical prerequisites

Blockages are the most common causes of equipment malfunction. However, unlike external “plugs”, internal debris is much more difficult to deal with. It is formed into three main parts: 1. Behind the drain filter cover is the pump impeller. By removing the unit, it can be easily seen. The space around the elements should be […]


How to use the washing machine correctly

Lack of timely maintenance is a problem that has already been discussed earlier in this article and touched upon by many users and experts alike. Ignoring the “instructions” for the operation of the washing machine- invisible to the ordinary user: – increase in electricity consumption; – the appearance of noise and vibration; – a complication […]


Situations in which a strange noise occurs in your Samsung refrigerator

Noise, when the refrigerator is turned on, is not considered a serious problem – it is usually caused by the starting current needed to start the compressor rotor. But if the extraneous rattling noise also occurs when the refrigerator is turned off, there is a possibility that the refrigerant tubes are touching the casing or […]


Microwave – harmful or not?

Most of us have already forgotten how it feels to live without a microwave oven. But, nevertheless, many people want to know whether microwave is harmful to human health. In order to better understand the impact of this device on food, you need to know how it works. The food that we put in the […]


The Bosch washing machine does not turn on

When the washing machine refuses to work, it scares many users, especially those who are not versed in household appliances and even more so in its technical condition. But you can understand any malfunction, even this one. The occurrence of this breakdown may be indicated by such “symptoms” as: – the “start” button is pressed, […]


Electronic panel for microwave oven

The microwave oven control panel resembles a conventional computer with its nodes. The main element of any computer is the processor. It is he who accepts all commands, processes them, and performs the appropriate operations. There is a similar element on the microwave control panel, only it is called a microcontroller. Compared to microprocessors, the […]

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