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Dishwashers are indispensable to many people’s busy lives, so it’s especially frustrating when they fail to work. What should you do if your dishwasher won’t get any water in? Or refuses to start? In most cases, you need to call a Chula Vista Appliance Repair Company, but there are also some things you can do yourself.

Dishwasher Not Getting Water
The water in your dishwasher comes in both through the rinse tube and from the water intake on the ceiling inside the machine. Over time, they can become clogged with scale and dirt. There may also be something blocking the water supply, such as a kinked hose or a clogged filter in the hose.

  • Make sure the water is on and flowing into the dishwasher
  • Check to see if the water line pressure is too low.

Dishwasher won’t start
There can be many reasons why your dishwasher won’t start. It could be anything from no power or water intake to damaged electronics. There’s usually not much you as a consumer can do on your own in this situation, but you can:

  • Check the fuse. The dishwasher is often wired to a separate fuse in the house, so in some cases this is the solution.
  • Also, make sure the plug is fully inserted into the outlet.

Dishwasher won’t drain
If you suspect your dishwasher is having trouble draining water, it is recommended:

  • To check the filter located on the bottom of the machine, as that’s where dirt, food debris, and limescale accumulate.
  • To wash the filter and rinse it well before replacing it.
  • To check if the drain pipe is clogged and the drain hose is not kinked.

Restricted drainage in the hose or malfunctioning electronics may also be reasons why the dishwasher is not draining water.

Chula Vista Appliance Repair Company proudly offers efficient  dishwasher repair service in the San Diego County and the surrounding areas. Our team of experts are well-equipped and ready to handle all types of dishwasher repairs no matter how complex they are. We’re committed to providing excellent repairs using only the highest-quality spare parts backed by the manufacturer’s warranty, so you can depend on your dishwasher repair specialist to fix the problem, and ensure your appliance will perform properly well for a long time.

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