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It may seem that the dishwasher has no right to get dirty, and finally, it also washes dishes with the appropriate cleaning products. Nevertheless, all the food residues, grease and various types of deposits remain on the bottom, which contributes to the odor and increase the failure of the device. You can get rid of it in a very simple way – look how easy it is to clean your dishwasher!


First, remove all baskets and cutlery containers from the dishwasher. Now you can check how the dishwasher lever looks like. The main thing is to check to see if the water supply holes are blocked. If this is present, use a regular toothpick to remove the dirt and thus unblock them. Then you need to remove the bottom of the dishwasher, where the greatest amount of food residue accumulates. They can block the outflow of water from the device. If your dishwasher is equipped with a filter, it should be unscrewed and properly rinsed in the sink under running water. The hard-to-reach areas are best cleaned with a brush. The best handmade way to clean the dishwasher is to use a paste of water and baking soda. It should be well distributed on the bottom of the dishwasher. You can use the old toothbrush for this.


Now it is time to clean the gaskets. All gaskets should be wiped down with vinegar mixed with a little lemon juice. The best tool for this is a simple cloth. It should be soaked in the mixture and wipe each gasket thoroughly. Do not forget the sides and edges of the door.


When the inside of the dishwasher is already clean, it is the turn of the baskets and containers. If they are not dirty and have no stains from leftover food, just wipe them with a damp cloth. But if you can see dirt on them, they’ll need a good rinse with dishwashing liquid. If they don’t fit in the kitchen sink, there’s still a bathtub or shower tray. You can also leave them in overnight.


If there is sediment from hard water in the dishwasher, you can remove it with vinegar. All you have to do is pour two cups into the tray and turn on one of the dishwasher programs. In the middle of the program, the unit should be turned off for 20 minutes so that the vinegar stays on the bottom for a while and removes all the sediment. Then we recommend to turn it back on to finish the program.

The only thing left is the dishwasher panel. The control panel can be cleaned with window cleaner and a toothpick can be used to scrub off the dirt. The entire door can be wiped down with water, vinegar and lemon juice. If the dishwasher door is made of the same material as the rest of the furniture in the kitchen, use the same cleaner that was used for the furniture.


We recommend clean the dishwasher once a month as a preventative measure, which will allow us to avoid troublesome repairs and make us use this indispensable household appliance in many kitchens longer.


If your dishwasher is getting dirty often than you expect and not cleaning the dishes, it may be a series breakdown that should be diagnosed by a professional. Chula Vista Appliance Repair Company is ready to help you out. We are here 24/7 at you disposal! We are waiting for your call!

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