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Wine fridges are often located in common living areas and allow you to have good bottles on hand without having to go to the cellar. If the background noise is regular and directly related to the operation of the appliance, a louder and more persistent noise may indicate a problem. If this is your case, here are a few things to help determine the cause.

The cause of the malfunction :

  • My wine cellar is improperly installed
  • The shelves are not properly positioned
  • Bottles are not positioned correctly
  • The silent block is faulty
  • The water collection container is not properly secured.

Wine cellar makes squeaking noise

My wine cabinet is not properly assembly. Following the installation instructions can significantly reduce the sound volume of your wine cabinet. First, keep in mind that a locking cabinet will significantly reduce noise levels. If you place your wine cooler in a non-standard cabinet, make sure that air circulation is not obstructed above and below the appliance. Make sure the wine cabinet is stable and stands firmly on the floor. If it is not, you need to adjust the legs under the wine fridge. Finally, if the appliance is leaning against a wall or in contact with other objects, it will still make more noise. It is enough to move the appliance slightly so that it does not touch other objects to avoid that the vibrations produced by contact with other surfaces will make the noise too much. If, no matter what, your wine cooler continues to make a rather pronounced and disturbing noise, there could be various reasons. Here are possible explanations for the problem.

The shelves are not properly positioned. Shelves are indispensable accessories for a wine cooler because they allow you to sort, classify and organize your bottles. You need to make sure they are compatible with the brand of appliance. The shelves should fit perfectly into your wine cabinet. All it takes is one shelf that is not perfectly inserted for the wine cabinet to start making noise. To avoid this kind of problem, check the position of the shelves and, if necessary, insert foam coasters to make sure they fit perfectly.

Bottles are not positioned correctly. If the bottle is not perfectly positioned, vibration may occur. To prevent this, just turn the bottles slightly (even a quarter turn is enough) to improve their stability. Also make sure that the bottles do not touch the wine fridge door.

Silent compressor unit malfunctioning. Silent compressor is an element of soft material (usually plastic) that allows it to absorb shock and vibration between mechanical parts. Thus, it reduces the noise that occurs when the compressor vibrates. In a wine cooler, the compressor unit consists of 4 plastic units located in the engine. Here are possible explanations for the problem.

The water collection container is not properly secured. The wine cooler is equipped with a condensation recovery system to maintain a constant humidity level: the condensation droplets are collected at the bottom of the appliance and then removed thanks to a tube connected to the water collection tank, located above the compressor. In some models, the latter can generate heat, so that the collected water evaporates and is reused to properly manage the condensation in the wine cellar. It may happen that the vessel is poorly secured to the compressor and creates audible vibrations.

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