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If you notice that food in the oven takes much longer to cook, and dishes cooked strictly according to the recipe are not ready. In most cases, these situations occur because the oven does not heat well and the temperature does not reach the value indicated on the knob.

Although an oven does not belong to the household appliances of increased complexity, but its repair is associated with a number of difficulties. Therefore, it is better to entrust the repair of electric ovens to specialists. But before scheduling an appointment, you need to make sure that the breakdown is really in the oven itself, but not associated with a lack of voltage in the electrical socket or mechanical damage in the socket or power cord.


To make this task easier, in this article we’ll look at the most common oven breakdowns.

  •  Faulty Sensor

A faulty temperature control sensor in the touch panel will lead to the same consequences as a broken mechanical power switch. But to fix something in the touch panel yourself is much more difficult – you will not be able to fix the issue without a special knowledge of the circuit diagram of the hob and special diagnostic equipment.

  • Thermostat Failure

A faulty temperature sensor does not transmit temperature data to the control module, which of course shuts down the oven or the entire hob to prevent other parts of the hob from being damaged by overheating. It is worse when the sensor works, but not correctly, for example, because of stuck relay contacts: then overheating is quite possible, with all the unfortunate consequences that come with it. If you notice that the oven turns off quickly, or, moreover, if it clearly overheats, it is necessary to urgently call Chula Vista Appliance Repair Company and schedule an appointment for our technician who can figure out the causes of the problem.

  • Gasket Problems

Ovens have a gasket that prevents heat loss: if it is worn or mechanically damaged, the oven may never rise to the temperature you set. In principle, you can replace the gasket yourself, but in some places, it is difficult to reach and will require disassembly and dismantling.

  •  The Door Is Not Closed Tightly.

Heat will also escape from the oven if the oven door is loose. This can be caused by a variety of things: damaged hinges, a warped door, a faulty latch.

  •  Fan Problems

Poor heating in a convection oven may be caused by a broken fan that blows hot air. It is located on the back of the oven: remove the back cover and inspect the fan. The causes of problems with the fan may be different: the motor is defective, the impeller is contaminated with grease and dust etc.

  •  Control Module Failure

In modern devices, everything is controlled by electronics, so if there are any failures or malfunctions, the consequences can be very diverse, including improper heating of the oven. To deal with this, of course, should only a specialist with the right diagnostic equipment.

There could be a bunch of reasons why your appliance doesn’t work properly therefore the main key to fix your appliance successfully and identify the faulty parts quickly without any wrong conclusions is a professional diagnostics.
Chula Vista Appliance Repair Company qualified experts will determine any problems and make sure the repairs performed will resolve the issues.

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