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Has your refrigerator started making strange noises, or more specifically, knocking? We understand that this is nothing short of alarming, and you think your Samsung refrigerator needs repair in Chula Vista. Here are the situations in which the owners of the appliances are most often faced with such “sound accompaniment”:

– The refrigerator bangs when the compressor is turned off or on;
– the fridge bangs while working;
– the refrigerator beats when the compressor is at rest.

Failures requiring repair of Samsung refrigerator

1. The motor compressor is defective

The compressor is the “heart” of the refrigerator. Thanks to him, pressure is created, and freon circulates through the cooling circuit of the refrigerator. The motor inside the body is located (hanging or standing) on buffer springs. If one of the springs is loose, you will hear a metallic knocking and clanking when turning the motor on, off, and running. Another reason, common for refrigerators with more than 10 years of service life, is the wear and tear of the motor piston due to the wear and tear of the parts.

2. No-Frost defrost system malfunction

No-Frost refrigerators have an evaporator in the freezer. This blows cold air into the freezer compartment via special air channels, using a fan. The evaporator has a built-in defrosting coil. If the evaporator temperature is too low, the defrost sensor (defroster) is triggered and the heating element is activated. It melts frost on the evaporator and water is led out from the freezer via a drainage channel to a special tub where it evaporates.
If one of defrost system components (FEN, defrost sensor, fuse, defrost timer) fails, the freezer begins to be covered with ice. Fan clings to the “snow coat” with its blades, and you hear unusual sounds: knocking and grinding.

3. The fan in the Samsung No Frost fridge is out of order

The fan is located in the freezer compartment. With its help, the cold air from the evaporator is forced into the cooling chamber through special channels. If the fan mounts are loosened or the bearings are loosened due to mechanical wear, the fan makes a knocking noise during the operation.
Also, the fan knocking is often connected with the defrost system malfunction. In this case, the sound is produced by fan blades, catching the ice formed in the evaporator. As the ice builds up, the “snow coat” blocks the rotation of the fan, and it fails: its blades break or the motor burns out.

4. The overload relay is defective

The circuit breaker performs two functions in the refrigerator: it starts the compressor and protects it from overloading. If the safety mechanism fails, the relay reacts erroneously to the slight heating of the motor. As a result, the compressor starts and immediately shuts down. At the same time, you can hear the characteristic knocking-clicking of the relay.

5. Wear the rubber gaskets under the compressor

In the places of compressor-motor fastening to the refrigerator bar, there are rubber gaskets, which absorb the vibration of the motor during its startup, operation, and shutdown, and do not allow knocking. Over time, the rubber will deteriorate and the refrigerator compressor mounts will knock against the bar to which the motor is attached.

We repair all Samsung refrigerators, as well as other brands and models of household appliances. If your Samsung refrigerator needs repair: you hear unusual noises when you turn it on, turn it off, run or rest the compressor motor, or maybe a loud knocking bothers you at night, we can help you, ask for help from the specialists. The technicians at Chula Vista Appliance Repair Company can help determine the cause of the sound, as well as fix it. We work 24/7, a Chula Vista Appliance Repair Company handyman will come to you at your convenience

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