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It is possible to determine with accuracy that it is the pump that has malfunctioned only after diagnosing the part. However, there are a number of characteristic signs that may indirectly indicate pump failure. Based on our experience, the specialists at Chula Vista Appliance Repair Company have compiled a list of the following symptoms:

  1. The machine does not drain the water. The main sign, the most common, occurs when there is a damaged pump.
  2. The machine is making cracking noise while draining the water. This may indicate that a foreign object got into the pump. Another cause of the crackling may be the wear of the rod (shaft) on which the impeller is attached. Because of this, the shaft is loose during draining.
  3. Once washing machine is draining and once it is not draining. This symptom can also indicate the impeller rod is worn out: the motor drive poorly catches the shaft with the impeller, and it rotates or on the other side it does not rotate at all.

All these symptoms may be additionally accompanied by a drain error, which will be displayed on the washing machine display panel in the form of a numeric-letter inscription or a combination of blinking indicators, if the machine has no screen.

Why is the drain pump, most often, not repairable?

There are 2 reasons. First, most washing machine manufacturers install non-disassembled drain pumps. And secondly, for models with a collapsible pump, separate repair kits are not available anyway. Therefore, it is possible to repair the pump only if all its parts are intact, and the pump is simply clogged with some small, foreign objects, which prevent the normal rotation of the impeller.

Also pay attention, if the blockage is not cleared in time, it can lead to pump motor overload and pump failure or impeller breakage. Therefore, if the first signs of failure have appeared, it is recommended to call a specialist as soon as possible, because in this case, there is a chance to repair, which is obviously cheaper than replacing the part.

If your washer stopped draining or started making a cracking sound, you are welcome to Chula Vista Appliance Repair Company. Any repairs involving disassembly of the device must be carried out by a qualified specialist with a high level of training. We are value your time and money, so we suggest you make an appointment with our technician to identify, assess and fix the problem.

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