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The most important thing in such a situation is to find the source of the malfunction and then simply follow the instructions on how to fix it. Having found a malfunction, try to perform the repair according to our advice, strictly following all safety rules. Remember – most of the causes of the problem in this case are absolutely safe and can be completely eliminated by yourself, without resorting to the services of specialists.

If the cause of the malfunction is water and its constant exposure to the stove, then there is only one way out – thoroughly dry it, having previously unplugged the self-ignition from the socket. Leave the stove unplugged for a few days – during this time it should thoroughly dry out, and the clicks will stop on their own.

If this did not help, it is time to call Chula Vista Appliance Repair Company. Our team of experts are well-equipped and ready to handle all types of stove repairs no matter how complex they are. We’re committed to providing excellent repairs using only the highest-quality spare parts backed by the manufacturer’s warranty, so you can depend on your stove repair specialist to fix the problem, and ensure your appliance will perform properly well for a long time.

When drying it is necessary to take into account one important point – to dry the oven with the working furnace is impossible – so, on the contrary, the moisture will accumulate in the device in huge quantities and the situation will only get worse. So be patient and let the equipment dry naturally.

If the ignition button does not work properly, the reason is the accumulation of dirt, dust or frozen grease under it. For the best cleaning effect, use a brush dipped in a soapy solution. After cleaning, allow the hob to dry. It should be noted that this method is not always able to return the button to its former functionality. There is always a chance that it will not press all the way due to a low fit. If cleaning doesn’t help, consider replacing the auto-light button or the entire mechanism.

With prolonged use, the auto igniter can fail. If only one burner doesn’t work, a damaged wire located in the block channel is a very likely cause. However, remember that the burner itself may be defective, and in this situation, self-repair is not only unacceptable, but also life-threatening. For an accurate diagnosis of the cause of the burner malfunction, you should contact a specialist at Chula Vista Appliance Repair Company who can not only determine the actual cause of the malfunction, but also to replace the damaged element.

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