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By “does not wash” washing machine users can mean completely different problems. Here are the main ones:

– The machine pours water, but then the drum does not rotate;
– water enters the tank, then the washer drains and stops, perhaps an error is lit on the display;
– the washing machine pours water and shuts off.

Let’s sort out what are the reasons for this strange behavior of the washing machine.

The washing machine after the set of water does not wash – when you can fix it yourself

Try to disconnect the washing machine from the mains, and after 5-10 minutes, turn it on again. Perhaps there was a one-time failure of the control unit, and “resetting” the electronic control will help.
Unfortunately, in most cases, the cause of this malfunction is usually associated with a breakdown, and you can not do without a professional wizard!

Possible malfunctions

Numerous washing machine repairs have helped us to compile a rating of popular breakdowns when the washing machine draws water but does not wash.

1. Drive belt
Torn or loose, so the motor works, but the drum does not spin either in the wash, rinse or spin.

2. motor brushes
The brushes are worn, barely touching the collector and therefore not spinning the motor.

3. Tachometer
Measures the number of revolutions of the washing machine motor. If it fails, the washing machine “doesn’t understand” at what speed to rotate the drum and won’t wash.

4. Motor
The Collector motor is burned out, so there is no rotation of the drum, and the machine does not wash. In asynchronous motors, the starting capacitor usually fails.

5. Control Unit
In the circuit of the motor on the board elements, tracks or contacts burned out.

6. Water level sensor.
The pressostat tube is loose, clogged, or damaged, the pressure chamber is clogged or the sensor itself is out of order. The washing machine can not determine the amount of water in the tank, so it drains and stops.

7. Failed, so the machine cannot detect the temperature of the water and does not wash.

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