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Just now the washing machine was working in normal mode, the drum was gently scrolling the clothes – and suddenly there was silence, the lights went out, the machine “stood up”, and the light in the whole apartment is off. What happened?

Most likely you have already figured it out yourself – the plugs “blew”. And if you got to the Internet, most likely you were able to turn on the light. Suspicion for the mess fell on the washing machine as the most “voracious” energy consumer. However, your machine may not be at fault if:

The washing machine is new, just installed. In this case, most likely the problem is in the electrical wiring or improperly selected electrical protection devices. If the plugs blew out again – time to sound the alarm and run for help to an electrician!

While the washing machine was running, many other electrical appliances were turned on. Such a classic day off the machine is doing laundry, the stove is cooking dinner, the oven is making Saturday night pie, plus you’ve decided to vacuum. Maybe your power grid just couldn’t handle the load. Especially if the machine went into a particularly active phase – heating or spinning. For the safety of your home and household, in this case, it is also better to contact an electrician. Especially if the network has previously withstood such a load.

“Shorted” the cord or plug of the washing machine. If the damage is visible to the naked eye – the cord and plug must be replaced. It is better to entrust this procedure to a specialist.

In other cases, unfortunately, we have to state that you have had a breakdown. You should immediately unplug the washing machine from the socket and call a master. We highly recommend that you do not turn on the “knocked out” automatic machine if the unit is not unplugged from the socket. This can be dangerous for the power grid, as well as for the residents of your apartment.

Significantly more often with washing machines, the following troubles occur:

Failure of the heating element (tubular electric heater)
The washing machine blows a fuse immediately when switching on or during the wash. In rare cases, the machine may blow the power on the rinse or spin.
You need to replace a broken heating element.

Control board failure
The machine blows out the machine immediately when you turn it on or 10-15 minutes after starting the wash.
Needs – The broken board needs to be repaired or replaced – depending on the degree of damage.

Washing machine motor defect
The machine knocks out the machine when you start the wash and does not spin the drum. Needs – Faulty motor cannot be repaired, needs to be replaced.

Faulty power button
The machine bounces the dispenser when turned on.
Need to resolder pins and/or replace button.

Never use a washing machine that knocks out the plugs! If you short out, the washer can “punch out” to the cabinet and you risk electrocution. This is deadly! Also, any disturbances in the integrity of the electrical wiring (both inside the machine and in the home electrical system) can cause a fire. Please take care of yourself and your home: if a fuse blows, contact a washing machine repair specialist right away, or if there is a wiring problem, contact an electrician!
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