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If you’re lucky to have a dishwasher in your house, there are some important things you should know, like how to clean your dishwasher to prolong its lifespan, or when to call a service center to repair your dishwasher.

How To Clean Your Dishwasher And Keep It Working Efficiently

Choose from a range of chemical cleaners designed specifically for dishwashers. There are many products on the market in the form of tablets or gels, which are easy to use and reliably clean the dishwasher.

If you choose a natural, eco-friendly degreaser – vinegar, you can’t be wrong. It can even be used to remove limescale. Clean the dishwasher thoroughly by pulling out all the dish holders and wiping them down with water and vinegar.

Clean the filter and all sealing rubbers along with your regular dishwashing detergent. You can also clean the washing machine lever, float switch, and float switch, preferably with a toothbrush.

Complete the cleaning by pouring a good portion of vinegar (or even the entire remaining amount in the bottle) into the dishwasher drum and running the normal wash cycle at the highest temperature. Baking soda or citric acid can also be used instead of vinegar. Both will neutralize odors and get rid of limescale.

Regular cleaning and the use of descalers will help your dishwasher last much longer.

When Is It Time To Call For Dishwasher Repair Services?

Cleaning and simple tightening of the screws can be done by yourself. However, do not open the inside of your dishwasher unless you have sufficient experience and knowledge to do so. If your dishwasher is not working even after a thorough cleaning and inspection, call us, Chula Vista Appliance Repair Company. Most likely, one of the important components, such as the pump, is damaged.

The time to call for service is also when the water in your dishwasher is not heating up. This most likely means that the heating element is damaged.

We recommend a preventive service inspection once a year. This will help you troubleshoot hidden malfunctions before they make washing your dishes difficult.

Other Precautions To Prevent The Dishwasher From Breaking Down Itself:

  • Do not put dishes with food residue inside. They very quickly clog the filters and soon find in other parts of the appliance.
  • Do not forget to clean it regularly.
  • Do not overload the dishwasher, only load the prescribed amount of dishes in the compartments designated for each type of dish.
  • Select the correct mode according to the instructions.
  • Before washing, set the appliance to the correct water hardness/softness so that the dishwasher doses the salt correctly.

These simple repairs can be done with a little skill and patience. Sometimes it is enough to simply clean the clogged parts to get the dishwasher working reliably again.

However, you should not resort to large-scale repairs and try to disassemble the dishwasher for parts. Leave the inside of the appliance to the professionals. This will prevent the risk of your dishwasher being damaged for ever.

Chula Vista Appliance Repair Company is a team of professionals who will let you rest knowing all the works done by us are trustworthy. We are waiting for your call!

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