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You may not think about fires when you consider your household appliances, but thousands of fires occur each year due to overheated, dirty, or improperly maintained appliances.

Clean Those Vents

Today, clothes dryers cause more household fires than chimneys. And most of the time it is due to the buildup of lint. We all know to check the lint trap in our dryers but even more important, we need to clean out the vent tubing. The vent that leads to the exhaust tubing needs to be cleaned on a regular basis, as well as any lint that may get trapped at the back of the dryer. This buildup can clog airflow and can result in a serious fire. If your clothing is taking a long time to dry, this may be one of the reasons. If you can’t reach the vent or exhaust tubing to clean it, an experienced appliance repair technician in Chula Vista County can do it for you.

Don’t Dry That Bath Mat

Putting improper items in your dryer can also be a fire hazard. Never put anything that has plastic components or a foam backing inside your dryer. This also goes for any venting or tubing that is part of the dryer system. Make sure your dryer ductwork is constructed with flexible metal tubing instead of plastic. In the case of a fire, metal tubing will contain a blaze instead of fueling it. You will also want to regularly inspect your dryer for any loose or missing parts.

Be Proactive About Carbon Monoxide

If you have a gas dryer, you may also have the added potential of a carbon monoxide buildup. Improperly burning fuel of any kind can create a carbon monoxide danger. As an odorless substance, carbon monoxide creates fumes that can be life-threatening. These can build up without your knowledge inside blocked vents and also inside the home. Always make sure your home has properly operating smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Don’t Put Repairs Off

Another way a dryer can overheat can be due to a broken thermal fuse. The thermal fuse regulates the temperature inside a dryer. With a malfunctioning thermal fuse, the dryer does not know when it has become too hot and this can create a fire hazard. The thermal fuse is a relatively simple DIY fix, A multi meter will be able to determine whether the fuse is working or not. If you are unsure about doing this yourself, it is a relatively easy fix for a appliance repair technician in Chula Vista County.

Be Safe

Only use appliances that have a UL (Underwriters Laboratory) sticker which is the most widely accepted safety certification for appliances. Any appliance you purchase should always have a UL safety certified sticker.

Don’t let your dryer create a fire or health hazard for your family. With these simple safety tips, your dryer can be as safe and convenient as any other appliance in your home.

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