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In our new generation, many families cannot imagine at all how it is possible to have a fridge without this convenient defrost system – no frost. People are buying more and more fridges with two chambers, roomy, where they can keep both fresh fruit and frozen meat. Statistics for this year show that almost every second family has a fridge-freezer at home. It’s a fairly convenient appliance that combines two refrigerators at once.

Disadvantages of the No Frost system
Well, what can be the disadvantages of such a necessary technique? And yet there are. In the classic model of the two-compartment “friend”, the temperature in the chambers is not mixed with a fan. And because of the constant circulation of airflow in the No Frost system, foods without packaging will dry out (wrap) with accelerated force.

The second disadvantage – the probability of breakage increases several times. The principle is: “More parts – more breakages”. Fans, fan, defrost sensor, fuse, fan on button, timer – it can all break.

Breakdowns of the No Frost system

  • Freon leak on evaporator;
  • Faulty fan: burned winding, fan wedge, and fan can also get blocked by ice;
  • Tensioner defective – the entire evaporator will be covered in frost and defrosts will not occur;
  • The timer or control box of the refrigerator is defective – no defrosting;
  • Defrost sensors are defective.

Each malfunction has its own peculiarities. But because of any of them, the refrigerator stops working normally.

The main refrigerator malfunctions that we repair most often:
– Freon leakage is the most serious breakdown of a refrigerator. If you ignore the fact of the breakdown, you can allow the compressor to break. If formed a snow block of ice on the wall of the refrigerator or it works without switching off, then do not wait, it is better to be reinsured and to call the master for diagnostics.
– The refrigerator does not turn on and does not make any sounds in case of a malfunction in the electric power supply. Breakdown of the electronic control unit, thermostat, or compressor is the main cause of the malfunction.
– The refrigerator does not freeze because of the failure of any part: capillary tube clogging, freon leakage, or compressor breakage.
– Compressor failure is a serious malfunction. Only replacement of the compressor with a new one will help in this situation. By the way, our masters carry with their new motors.

Water accumulates inside the refrigerator under the vegetable drawers.
When the safety and start relay fails, it clicks, about once every 10-20 seconds. Replacing with a new relay will correct the situation.

Thermostat failure is always unexpected and unpredictable. Replacing the thermostat with a new one will bring your refrigerator back to life.

If the defrost FAN has failed, the evaporator will not defrost and will snowball. The internal temperature will rise and the food will spoil quickly. Replacing the defrost FAN in a No Frost refrigerator will get the refrigerator back in working order.

F2, H1, Alarm, A2, or other errors appear on display. Temperature sensors may have failed and only replacement will help the situation.

The refrigerator began to work loudly for no apparent reason: the fan, compressor, or electronic shutter are broken. Our technician will identify and fix the problem on the spot.

If your refrigerator with the No Frost system has stopped freezing, please consult our specialists by phone or online. We do repair refrigerators at home for many years with quality and warranty.
This overseas technology – No frost.
To solve the problem of how to reduce the work of housewives, the designers of refrigerating appliances have invented the system – No Frost. The good thing about the refrigerator is that now it is not necessary to defrost it manually.
Refrigerators can be either “Frost Free” or “No Frost”. Sometimes sellers just don’t explain the difference between the two models. And for nothing. The difference can be quite significant for the consumer.

How the No Frost system works
The fan and the evaporator are located behind the plastic wall in the freezing compartment on the top of the back wall. The fan provides for air mixing in the compartment. The operating fan circulates the cold air which flows directly through the evaporator of the freezing chamber. The walls inside the freezer remain dry, without snow or frost. With automatic defrosting, water drains into a special tray where it evaporates.

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