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Microwave Troubleshooting: Touchpad Doesn’t Work

It happens when your microwave starts acting up. It turns on when it shouldn’t, switches modes by itself, or doesn’t respond to commands at all. Of course, if you have no idea what to do in such cases, it is recommended to contact a service center. But what should you do if the buttons on […]

Is Your Clothes Dryer A Potential Health Hazard


Top 3 Signs It`s Time To Replace a Drain Pump On Your Washing Machine

It is possible to determine with accuracy that it is the pump that has malfunctioned only after diagnosing the part. However, there are a number of characteristic signs that may indirectly indicate pump failure. Based on our experience, the specialists at Chula Vista Appliance Repair Company have compiled a list of the following symptoms: The […]

dryer makes noise


Dryer Makes Noise

Recently, home appliances are developing rapidly. A dozen years ago, no one would have thought of the need to dry things in a dryer. Now it has become quite a common thing. This is logical, as everyone who at least once used a dryer becomes a fan of this helper. However, like all appliances, dryers […]

fridge door


Refrigerator Door Won’t Close Properly

The tighter the door is to the refrigerator body, the longer the low temperature is kept there. If you notice that the refrigerator door does not close as it used to, or constantly comes off, you should not ignore this breakdown. After all, in the future it can lead to the wear and tear of […]



Solved! 6 Reasons Why Your Oven Won’t Heat

If you notice that food in the oven takes much longer to cook, and dishes cooked strictly according to the recipe are not ready. In most cases, these situations occur because the oven does not heat well and the temperature does not reach the value indicated on the knob. Although an oven does not belong […]

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