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Do-it-yourself microwave repair

Simple microwave breakdowns can be fixed at home with your own hands. Many parts are easily changed independently. But, if it was impossible to establish the exact cause, it is highly recommended not to try to fix the breakdown yourself, but to contact a specialized repair shop. A microwave oven is a technologically complex electrical […]


Microwave: the principle of operation, functional purpose, features, advantages/disadvantages

One of the most popular household appliances is the microwave, which has complemented and, in some cases, even replaced the traditional stove or oven. Its speed and ease of use make it a must-have in the home and office. However, its capabilities are much wider than just heating food. With its help, you can not […]


Inverter or conventional microwave oven: 7 arguments for and against

Microwaves differ in price, brand, power consumption, and size. But the main selection criterion is the principle of operation. And there are nuances in it.   The principle of operation of an inverter microwave oven   The name “inverter” is on the lips of many. Therefore, we will understand the features of such devices, to […]


Checking the correct connection of the washing machine

Repair of washing machines requires additional financial costs. To avoid technical malfunctions, make sure the appliances are properly connected to all utilities. Consider the key points that should not be overlooked during diagnosis.   No leaks Puddles under or behind the washing machine appear as a result of insufficient fixation of the hoses. Start by […]


How do I descale the drum of my washing machine?

Faced with the need to clean the drum, the question becomes. What’s the best way to clean my washing machine drum?      How do I clean the drum of my washing machine with a household detergent?    When it comes to how to clean the drum from limescale and other dirt, you should not rely […]


Top 3 reasons why the washing machine does not pick up speed

Faulty water level sensor  The water level sensor failure is evidenced by the following situation. An acceptable amount of laundry is loaded into the drum, the washing program is selected correctly, and the spin speed is correct. After pressing the start button the program begins its work, and the washing machine operates in normal mode. […]

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