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Washing machine breakdowns are due to various reasons. Only a qualified technician is able to figure them out. If the washing machine begins to click and does not turn on, do not leave the problem without attention. Such malfunctions can signal a serious malfunction. Timely diagnosis and repair can prevent the development of serious problems.

Appliances can make noises – it’s normal
It is worth understanding that the washing machine, as well as any machine in operation still makes some sounds. In particular, you may hear:

  • The sound of water being poured when filling it;
  • The noise of the drain pump (pump) when draining the water;
  • The sound of the engine when the drum rotates;
  • Noise of the drum at high rotation speed during spinning;
  • Clicking noises if the machine switches modes, e.g. from washing to rinsing, etc;
  • Noise of water heating, like in a kettle, during washing.

Do not worry, these sounds are not a breakage.

When is noisy washer a reason to wonder?

Start looking for the reasons why your washing machine makes noise when:

  • extraneous sounds have appeared, which were not there before: crackling, rattling, squeaking, whistling, grinding and others;
  • the noise has increased in comparison with what it was before;
  • there are other signs of washing machine malfunction in addition to the increased noise, for example, the machine has stopped spinning or draining water.

The washing machine is noisy due to improper maintenance
Overloading, underloading, or uneven distribution of items in the washing machine can lead to a lot of noise in the spin. Be careful to read the washing machine’s manual and follow the rules regarding the weight and size of the laundry you load. This will not only save you from excessive noise, but will also prolong the life of the appliance.

If for some reason, you couldn’t stop this clicking sound coming out of your washing machine. Chula Vista Appliance Repair Company is here to help you out with any washer repairs. You Can Relax. We’re licensed, bonded, and insured, plus we perform drug and background checks on all employees. Just give us a call!

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