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The microwave crackles

A microwave oven is present in almost every home. It greatly simplifies life, allowing you to heat up or even cook food in just a few minutes. But, like other household appliances, the microwave is subject to various malfunctions. Many users are faced with crackling and sparking when the oven is working. The reason why […]


The refrigerator is noisy – you need to check the compressor

The compressor is without a doubt the main component of any refrigeration unit and is designed to freeze, cool, and circulate freon through the system. Malfunctions in its operation may cause ice or frost to form in the refrigerator.   But like any other device, it can break. Consider its possible malfunctions:   – the […]


The washing machine does not turn on, the indicators do not work

If the washing machine does not work and no indicator light flashes, there are two possible causes of the problem. According to user reviews, these malfunctions occur most often.   The power cord from the electrical network is damaged Carefully inspect the wire for frayed or broken sections. If you find a damaged area, isolate […]


Mold in the washing machine: 3 stages of cleaning

Does the washing machine smell damp and musty? On the ring made of rubber, which is intended for the door, are there visible spots of gray or black color? – The equipment is moldy. Why this happened, and how to get rid of the fungus that “settled” in the washing machine, are considered here. Read […]


How to clean an eraser in a washing machine

Plaque and dirt on the seals are inevitable. Well, let it. It is enough to take and set aside 5 minutes for sloppy work to remove them.   How to clean rubber in a washing machine   Vinegar or citric acid, and baking soda help well. You will also need a napkin, cotton pads, a […]


How to correctly adjust the temperature in the refrigerator: 5 recommendations

Dairy products are often stored on the upper shelves of the refrigerator, and fish and meat are kept on the lower ones. This is more expedient, because it is usually colder at the bottom, and the temperature varies between 3-7° C. The necessary coolness depends on the indicator set on the regulator of the unit. […]

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