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What is the noise level of the refrigerator?

How loud your refrigerator is is an indication of how well it works and how well it performs. But what noise level is considered acceptable for this unit and when is it considered to be too loud?   If you follow the standards defined in GOST, the noise level produced by this unit within the […]


What to do if the fridge freezes too much

The main function of a refrigerator is to store food at low temperatures. However, sometimes it begins to freeze too much, which indicates a malfunction of this household appliance. There can be several reasons why the refrigerator freezes too much and, often, some of them can be eliminated at home.   If you happen to […]


The dishwasher doesn’t wash dishes well

The need to wash dishes every day is sometimes frustrating. That’s why engineers invented the dishwasher. This kitchen appliance saves a lot of time and effort. Modern housewives can no longer imagine their lives without such an invaluable helper. But sometimes the dishwasher starts to wash dishes poorly. Many are lost in such cases. Meanwhile, […]


What happens if you don’t clean the washing machine drum

In order to clean the washing machine drum as rarely as possible, it is recommended to carefully check the pockets of jackets and pants, pre-soak heavily soiled clothes in a basin, as well as install special filters on the drain and incoming water.   Preventive washing machine cleaning is a great way to extend the […]


How to clean a washing machine drum

To do without a washing machine in the home is very difficult. Manual laundry is a time-consuming process, which is why a washing machine should be in every home. The automatic washing machine provides an opportunity to easily get high-quality clothes washed.   How to properly clean the drum of a washing machine from dirt […]


Do-it-yourself microwave repair

Simple microwave breakdowns can be fixed at home with your own hands. Many parts are easily changed independently. But, if it was impossible to establish the exact cause, it is highly recommended not to try to fix the breakdown yourself, but to contact a specialized repair shop. A microwave oven is a technologically complex electrical […]

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