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You habitually threw the laundry into the washing machine, chose the program, the washing began… and after a while, you find that the cycle is still not over. The machine washes for an unusual length of time.

When it is possible to solve the problem yourself.
Sometimes the causes of the fact that the machine washes for an unusually long time are on the surface, and you can cope with them yourself. Before you call a master, check the following.

1. Is the water pressure in the plumbing normal. Open the faucet and evaluate the water pressure. If it is too weak, the machine will slowly draw water and the entire cycle will be prolonged.
2. The fill hose is not crushed or kinked. Something may have fallen on or jammed the hose. If this happens, it will take a long time for the washer-dryer to draw water and the wash will take longer than the set time. Loosen or unfold the hose. 3.
3. whether the inlet valve filter is clean. There is a filter strainer on the water inlet valve: it protects the machine from large impurities in the water. If the strainer is clogged, the water will pour slowly and the cycle will take longer. It is necessary to remove the filter and clean it.
4. Whether the drain filter is not clogged. The water from the tank is filtered before it reaches the drain pump. This design helps prolong the life of the drain pump. Periodically, the drain filter should be cleaned. If you haven’t done this in a while, it could get clogged, causing the machine to fail to drain the water in a given amount of time, and washing is delayed.
5. Is the heating element not overgrown with limescale. As the washing machine operates, the heating element becomes overgrown with limescale, due to which its heat output decreases. Heating water takes longer than necessary, and the whole cycle is prolonged.
6. Have you overloaded the washer-dryer? If you exceed the norm of laundry, the washing machine will not be able to squeeze things properly: the drum will spin for a long time, but still will not be able to reach a high speed. In this case, the washing often ends with wet laundry. It is necessary to take some of the things out of the washer and restart the spin.
7. Did not arise in the drum imbalance. If you wash one large thing (or if one thing, for example, a duvet cover is jammed with the rest of the laundry), the machine can not spread things evenly on the drum, for a long time twists it, but as a result, and does not go to the right speed. Therefore, the washing ends with raw laundry. It is necessary to manually distribute the items on the drum and turn on the spin.
8. Whether the drain of your washing machine is correctly connected. If you have recently installed your washing machine, it may have been done incorrectly. If the drain hose is completely below the level of the tank, the water flows by gravity into the drain. In this case, the machine is constantly getting water, warms it up again, and the cycle lasts longer than it should. It is necessary to organize the drain correctly: raise the hose yourself or call a master for the proper installation of the washing machine.

None of the options are similar to yours? Alas, then the reason that the machine takes a long time to wash is the breakdown.


Possible malfunctions requiring repair
According to the experience of Chula Vista Appliance Repair Company‘s handymen, the reason why your washing machine takes a long time is most often related to the failure of the following components.

Faulty heating element
The heating element, a housing in which the heating spiral is located, is responsible for heating the water to a predetermined temperature. If the heating element burned out, the washing machine “hangs” on heating water. The machine is waiting for the water to reach the desired temperature, which makes the washing last longer than usual.
Failure of the heating element is the most common cause of the machine washing for a long time.

Temperature sensor defective
The temperature sensor measures the temperature of the water in the tank. If it does not send the data to the control unit, the washing machine does not heat the water and waits long for the information to arrive, therefore the washing takes longer than it should or the machine washes endlessly.

The water inlet valve is out of order
The fill valve consists of an electromagnetic coil and a diaphragm, which opens when voltage is applied to the coil, and the water flows into the washing machine. In modern machines, the valves are usually two-sectional, that is, they have two diaphragms and two coils. This valve design allows you to let water flows into the correct compartments of the tray. For example, one section of the valve is responsible for drawing water for prewash, and for the main wash – the second. And when both sections open, the water flows to the rinse.
Sometimes the diaphragm can get stuck and not open all the way. Because of the low head, the water takes longer than normal, that is why the wash lasts longer than usual.

Clogging in the drain path
Because of the trash, small items from the pockets of clothes, and clothing fittings in the drain path have formed a jam, and the water goes out of the machine slowly.

Clogs can be located in any part of the drainage system:

in the drain spigot
in the drain strainer
in the drain pump;
in the drain hose;
In the sewage system.

The control unit (electronic controller) is defective

The control unit “manages” the operation of all the nodes in the washing machine. Because of power surges or moisture, it often burns tracks, individual radio elements, and/or their contacts. In case the machine washes longer than it should, the problem is usually in the circuit of the heating element.

If the washing in your machine takes too long, ask for help! Send us an online request form or call us at the numbers on the website. A Chula Vista Appliance Repair Company technician will come to your call quickly: diagnose the problem and determine the exact reason why your washing machine is taking so long. Then, with your consent – will carry out repairs. We give a guarantee on works and spare parts
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