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Installing a dryer on a washing machine

Our homes and apartments are replenished with more and more appliances that greatly simplify and automate life. For example, now buy not only washing machines but also clothes dryers. However, not every apartment allows you to comfortably arrange all the equipment. Therefore, the dryer is often installed above the washing machine. Installation of the dryer […]



Important malfunctions of Bosch washing machines

Bosch is one of the most well-known brands that produce household appliances, including washing machines. Bosch washing machines are known for their high quality and reliability. However, like any technical equipment, they can malfunction.   In case of any malfunctions of the Bosch washing machine, it is always recommended to contact the specialists of Chula […]



What is an inverter washing machine?

Inverter-type washing machine belongs to the category of modern household appliances. Its main feature is the inverter motor. The native land of this invention is South Korea. Since its appearance on the market, the popularity of such equipment is only increasing. The first thing the manager of any showroom will advise you is the inverter […]



The washing machine does not turn on, the indicators do not work

If the washing machine does not work and no indicator light flashes, there are two possible causes of the problem. According to user reviews, these malfunctions occur most often.   The power cord from the electrical network is damaged Carefully inspect the wire for frayed or broken sections. If you find a damaged area, isolate […]



Washing machine motor malfunction

Behind the code F21 there is a breakdown of the motor because the rotation of the drum depends on it. When you see this code, you must immediately interrupt the washing, unplug the device, drain the water, remove the laundry, wipe the inside of the drum, and call the master.   The culprits for this […]

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Bosch washing machine errors

One of the most simple in operation is considered washing machines brand Bosch. Convenience is expressed in the fact that the user, in most cases, can independently correct errors in the washing machine Bosch, having minimal knowledge.   The trouble with the door of the machine   The code F01 appears due to the insufficiently […]

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